Worker Toys Honey badger Prophecy Retaliator Metal Pump Grip - Silver

Item No.: W0385

.Color: Silver
.Material: Aluminum Alloy
.Product Dimensions: 21.6*6.1*2.1cm
.Product Weight: 145.53g
.Package Dimensions: 23*9.5*3.3cm
.Package Weight: 202.7g
.Packing: Box

.CNC finishing technology make it look like a metallic texture, rose gold-plated with high quality
.The pull-down adapts nerf Retaliator and worker prediction -R launcher, pull-down loading, easily on the launch, one step and steady to launch
.Pull down the side could be installed 15cm leather rails, the bottom could be installed card slot 21MM grip
.Suitable for people over 14 years old

Package Content:

.1 x Pull-down