Worker Toys double stack 40 full length darts magazine for Worker Dominator blaster-transparent

Item No.: W0338

.Color: TransparentT/ransparent Blue
.Material: ABS
.Product Size: 31.3*8*3.4cm
.Product Weight: 266.2g
.Package Dimensions: 31.8*8.5*3.9cm
.Package Weight: 327.3g
.Packing: Box

.40 round double row single out magazine (45 rounds of ultimate loading), small size and large capacity, super firepower to suppress the battlefield
.Double-row magazine eliminate the original buckle design on both sides and improve the flat design
.Removable magazine bottom cover for easy maintenance and cleaning of dust and impurities, replacing weak springs
.Suitbable for Worker Dominator Blaster
.Note: 1. After the darts are installed, please check if the darts are staggered in pairs, not side by side. If it is side by side, press the dart or clap the magazine to stagger the bullets.
.The magazine is heavy. Hold the magazine first when you take it out, then press the clip to release it.
.Various long soft darts have been tested, and the luminous darts will be double-rowed, and other darts can be used.
.Applies only to the range indicated blaster

Package Content:

.1 x Magazine