Worker Toys 10CM ABS Grooved Rail Pad Adapter Kit for nerf non-pistol use - Black

Item No.: W0035

.Color: Black
.Material: ABS
.Product Dimensions: 10*1.8*0.75cm
.Product Weight: 10g
.Package Dimensions: 11*2.5*1cm
.Package Weight: 12g
.Packing: OPP Bag
Worker 10CM ABS Grooved Rail Pad Adapter Kit for nerf non-pistol use - Black


.Made of superior ABS material that is solid and durable to use.
.Suitable for some Nerf toy guns.
.Ensure the product' installed position on toy gun body, lock it with self-tapping screws after drilling holes with a electric drill.
.This product need to use with grooved rails, and then can be used to joint more other parts, such as aiming mirror, carrying handle, triangle sighting device etc.
.Main function of the product is to convert toy guns who have no guide rail into toy guns with guide rail, convenient to joint other peripheral product.

Package Content:

.1 x Grooved Rail Pad(10cm)
.5 x Self-tapping Screw(four for actural use, one for spare)