Worker Toys YYZ-001 Short Dart Sniper Shaped Blaster for Worker Terminator - Transparent

Item No.: YYZ-001

.Color: Transparent
.Material: PC + Aluminium Alloy
.Product Weight: 1829g
.Package Dimensions: 23.3 x 6.1 x 80.7cm
.Package Weight: 2127g
.Packing: Box
Worker YYZ-001 Short Dart Sniper Shaped Blaster for Worker Terminator - Transparent(No Bracket)


.Adaptive Products: This is the a finished model of WORKER terminator short dart blaster. Self-assembly required
.Superior Material: Constructed with PC, which is an extremely durable material. Integrated design, integration hidden drop-down of barrel. High strength and high transparency of the main body
.Simple Intergrated Design: Short dart firing mode, high accuracy, long range. The preferred blaster for sniping, hiding, ambushing, and long-range shooting
.Notes: 1. The screw should not be too long, because it will cause the screw head to break, and it will cause the column to break if too tight. PT3*8 is standard. 2. Should use a screwdriver with the hard performance and appropriate size. 3. Need to be put into vaseline to increase smoothness. (petroleum jelly must be applied)  4. Main body only, should be used with inner structure kit. The product is suitable for people over 14 years old

Package Content:

.1 x Body
.1 x Spring
.1 x Slide Block
.1 x Piston Releaser
.1 x Piston Push Head
.1 x Adapter
.1 x Pump Tail Cover
.1 x Short Dart Rifled Tube Kit
.1 x Pump
.1 x Decorative Cap
.1 x Extended Edition Decorative Tube
.1 x 10-Round Short Dart Magazine
.1 x Type A Handle
.1 x 5cm Rail

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