Worker Toys Nerf Retaliator Shell - Transparent Black

Item No.: W0212

.Color: Transparent Black
.Material: ABS
.Product Size: 27.5*26*4.5cm
.Product Weight: 342g
.Package Dimensions: 32*20*5.3cm
.Package Weight: 504g
.Packing: OPP Bag
Worker Nerf Retaliator Shell 

.Perferred ABS material that is eco-friendly, abrasion proof and durable to use.
.Adopts high precision mold injection molding with matte surface provide a long service life and comfortable hand feeling.
.The bounced-off typed tank of cleaning bullets changed into push-pull type structure, which provide better experience and lower failure rate.
.The product switch of magazine is replaced by pressing type, not only saving effort, but also smooth and fast.
.The tolerance of structure mold is small, so that the third-party magazine can be used smoothly.
.The grip of this gun shell can hold up to 2 long bullets or 4 short bullets.
.Transparent material provides higher third-party modification base, such as add, spray etc.
.The screw of this product provides multi-match, one part is spare, and other part can be used on other modified parts.
.The entire gun outer shell is the upgrade on the base of original Nerf retaliator shell, which not only is more stable, but also equipped with better expansibility and performance. Matching for  Worker related parts that can assemble into high-precision soft bullet gun.
.The product is only a gun shell, not includes type-B pump, bullet push rod, spring. The relevant Worker accessories need to be purchased separately.
.Due to the high professionalism, the product is suitable for people over 14 years old.

Package Content:

.1 x Worker Retaliator Shell
.2 x ACC 5.0 Bullets
.16 x Screws(M3*1.1CM) of the outer shell
.4 x Screws(M3*1.4CM ) of the outer shell
.2 x Screws with large nut
.1 x Modified Pull-down Mold