Worker Toys Full-automatic Modified Kit for Nerf Stryfe full auto kit

Item No.: W0321

.Color: As Shown
.Material: Wire Rod + PLA + Electronic Components + ABS
.Product Weight: 140g
.Package Dimensions: 12*10*4cm
.Package Weight: 150.9g
.Packing: Carton Box
Worker STF Fully Automatic Kit for Nerf Stryfe


.Made of superior material, durable to use
.Semi-automatic change fully automatic motor drives push rod push bullet to realize single-shot and continuous control
.Can also adjust pusher speed, change the speed of fire
.18AWG wire is resistant to high temperatures, high currents, and low resistance
.High-power micro switch, gear box gear reinforcement and motor reinforcement
.Note: The product is suitable for people over 14 years of age, the assembly requires a certain amount of hands-on ability, after wiring check whether it is installed correctly
.The motor is a high-speed motor. The motor and the battery will have slight heating as a normal phenomenon. If the hot-spot is abnormal, the line must be checked.

Package Content:
.1 x Switch Release
.1 x Pushrod
.4 x Microswitch
.1 x Power Step-down Adjustable Module
.1 x Automatic Speed Box
.1Pack x Wire Rod
.1 x Fixed Parts of Rotating Speed Box
.1 x Microswitch Mounting
.2 x 3*25PB Screws
.8 x 2.6*16PB Screws
.3 x 2.6*10KA Screws
.1 x Tension Spring
.1 x Spring
.1 x User Manual