Worker Toys F10555 No.213 Esper Blaster - Type A

Item No.: F0403

.FPS: 131+
.Range: 115 ft
.Color: Red + Black
.Material: PLA
.Production Method:3D printing
.Product Weight: 1021g/2.25lb
.Package Dimensions: 35 x 10 x 18cm
.Package Weight: 1121g/2.47lb
.Packing: Bag

Worker F10555 No.213 Esper Blaster - Type A 


.Designed by Captainslug ,made by Worker
.Esper rubber band shooting style, pull-down and rapid loading, rapid shooting, precise strike
.Modular appearance parts, free to assemble
.Note: We accept custom the colors,please email us firstly
.When narrow magwell is used with talon magazine, it looks more beautiful! You deserved it
.Note: 1. For Age: 14+; 2. PLA raw material has a low melting point, so it is forbidden to put the product in a high-temperature environment, such as near the heating system or inside the car under direct sunlight, to prevent product deformation; 3. The package is only suitable for Worker talon magazine (not included)


Test the rubber band
Testing darts FPS(ft/s) 15°range
flat shooting(ft) Accuracy(spread) 10m distance with 40cm target shooting rate Accuracy(spread) 17m distance with 40cm target shooting rate Accuracy(spread) 20m distance with 40cm target shooting rate Remarks
Ø6*455mm Worker short bullet 131-148 115+ 72 99% 92% 85% High precision, excellent FPS and Range


Package Content:

.1 x Barrel Nozzle
.1 x Eliteupper
.1 x Elite Connection
.1 x Elitelower
.1 x Piston Down
.1 x Inventory
.1 x Handle
.1 x Grip Trim
.1 x Support Frame
.1 x After the Tail Pad
.1 x Before the Tail Pad
.1 x Piston
.1 x Pre-alignment
.1 x Booster
.1 x Piston Releaser
.1 x Switch Releaser
.1 x Releaser
.1 x Releaser Fixator
.1 x Push Roud Fixator
.1 x Scaffolding
.1 x Releaser Fixator
.1 x Booster Holder
.1 x PC Tube
.7Pack x Accessories