Worker Toys F10555 No.209 Caliburn Blaster - Blue + White

Item No.: W0397-1
FPS: 229.64
.Color: White + Blue
.Material: PLA
.Product Size: 32*22*16cm
.Product Weight: 1516
.Package Dimensions: 35*25*20cm
.Package Weight: 1746g
.Packing: Bag


Worker F10555 No.209 Holy Sword Blater - Blue + White


.Designed by Captainslug ,made by Worker
.PLA  have a low melting point, and don't put the products in a high temperature environment, such as near the heating, the interior of the car directly under the sun, etc., to prevent product deformate.
.The Worker Holy Sword dazzling cool modelling, pull-down loading mode, the modular appearance part
.Compatible with long and short darts , frosted texture
.Modular design, free assembly, cool styling, it deserve 
.Suitable for people over 14 years old



1.  Can the parts on your Holy Sword be adapted with Captain Slug's Caliburn?
The size has not changed, so it is basically workable.


2. Have other springs could suit for the blaster ? 
 The spring is only one kind in the package, because the 3D printer may not be able to withstand too strong springs, if the aluminum parts may be released, you could upgrade more powerful spring,and there is a risk of being too strong (more than 20kg).If you like more precise,you could buy D=25mm(Outside of diameter) spring and install with the Worker PC Rifled Tube 


3. Does Holy Sword have a magazine?
Sorry,because it is compatible with long and short darts ,there is no magazine  just like the picture shows.But you could buy this magazine (Worker Talon Magazine)


4. Will you release Caliburn's aluminum internal parts? Would you get a new version of the blaster or sell it seseparately
Now,the first upgrade kit  is available in our store,check here

5.Could you customized the color of  Holy Sword?
Yes, the color of the 3D printers can be customized,but please contact us fisrtly.


6.To compare Prophecy ,where did Caliburn perform well?
The performance is stronger than the nerf Prophecy , but the Worker Caliburn has just started, with less appearance diversity than Nerf Prophecy . However, the Holy sword Blaster can be compatible long and short darts,but Nerf Prophecy hasn't . Accuracy, within a certain range, and generally with the PC Rifled Tube, precision is very good, and considering the performance of the Worker Holy Sword (Worker New Caliburn),  will be larger than Nerf Prophecy .

Package Content:

.1 x Front Nozzle Brake
.1 x Front Stop
.1 x Front Nozzle
.1 x Front Aim Point
.1 x Track Front Handle
.1 x Booster
.1 x Handle Ornament
.1 x Rear Aim Point
.1 x Elite Upper
.1 x Elite Lower
.1 x Connector
.1 x Releaser
.1 x Hand Force Guard
.1 x Switch Releaser
.1 x Rail
.1 x Handle
.1 x Booster Block
.1 x Push Rod Fasteners
.1 x Piston
.1 x Support Frame
.1 x Piston Releaser
.1 x Inventory
.1 x Back Prop
.1 x Front Docking
.1 x Stop Dog
.1 x Rear Stop Dog
.1 x Inventory
.10 x Gasket
.1 x Silicone Pad
.4 x Red Rubber Gasket 01
.2 x Black Rubber Gasket 02
.2 x Black Rubber Gasket 03
.1 x Nylon Pipe
.1 x Plunger Tube PC
.3 x Nylon Pipe
.1 x Pump Push Rod
.3 x Bolt
.1 x Main 28N Spring
.6 x Screw (1)
.1 x Tensile Aluminum Tube
.2 x Tensile Aluminum Bar
.1 x Screw (2)
.4 x Tension Spring
.1 x Counterweight
.1 x Cap Head Screw
.25 x Nut
.15 x Iron Shaft
.1 x Screw Pack
.1 x Instruction for Installation

Installation Instruction: