Worker Toys Dominator Full Auto Kit

Item No.: W0345

.Color: Red/White (Wire) + Orange (Parts) + Zinc Plating-white
.Material: 18AWG Wire + 130 Motor Speed Box + PA Component
.Product Weight: 129.6g
.Package Dimensions: 12*10*4cm
.Package Weight: 185.8g
.Packing: Box

Worker Dominator Full Auto Kit 


.Suitable for worker dominator
.It could adjust the speed of the pusher to push the dart and change the rate of fire. It can also adjust the speed of the flywheel and change the initial speed (external adjustment handle, without disassembling the main body).
.The Worker Dominator fully automatic motor drives the push rod to push the dart
.A single shot, free to operate.
.The 18AWG wire is resistant to high temperature, high current, and low resistance. High-power micro switch, speed box gear reinforcement, motor reinforcement
.It is recommended to match the worker twill flywheel cage blue flywheel set and the parallel flywheel cage with twill flywheel (rose gold) set; with these 2 Worker flywheel sets, the test results are particularly good. Can also be paired with a double flywheel set, three flywheel set
.Note: The assembly needs to have certain hands-on ability. After wiring, check whether it is installed correctly. The motor is a high-speed motor, and the motor and the battery may have a slight heat generation. Normally, if burn your hand, it is not normal, and the line needs to be checked. 7v-14.8v lithium battery is recommended

Package Content:

.1 x Worker Nerf Switch Release
.1 x Worker Nerf Push Rod
.4 x Worker Nerf Microswitch
.1 x Worker Nerf Full Auto Speed Box
.1Pack x Worker Nerf Wire Rod
.2 x Worker Nerf Speed Controller
.2 x Worker Nerf 3*25PB Screw
.8 x Worker Nerf 2.6*16PB Screw
.1 x Worker Nerf Tension Spring
.1 x Worker Nerf Spring
.1 x Worker Nerf User Manual