Brand Introduce

     WORKER is a wargame toy and service company with several brands. The main business is the design, production and sale of toys, models and more. After several years of development, WORKER now has its own production plant and a team of independent and innovative designers to provide manufacturing drawings, design, manufacturing and other services to different customers. The WORKER design team addresses a variety of innovation needs for different customers through different processes (injection, CNC, 3D printing). 
     WORKER is sold over the Internet and is sold primarily through e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Amazon, eBay and websites. And provide product export trade, mainly exported to the United States, Europe, Singapore and other countries.
     WORKER, professional because of concentration
     Excellent because of profession 
     Trustworthy because of excellence
     Professional design and excellent service are the reasons for customers to choose WORKER.
     Welcome to WORKER